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Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide To Uterine Cancer (John Hopkins Medicine) 1st Edition

Product code : 1453970998

by Teresa P. Diaz-Montes (Author)


    Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide To Uterine Cancer (John Hopkins Medicine) 1st Edition

        by Teresa P. Diaz-Montes  (Author)

    The Johns Hopkins Patients’ Guide to Uterine Cancer is a concise, easy-to-follow “how to” guide that puts you on a path to wellness by explaining uterine cancer treatments from start to finish. It guides you through the overwhelming maze of treatment decisions, simplifies the complicated schedule that lies ahead, and provides valuable tools to help you to put together your plan of care. Empower yourself with accurate, understandable information that will give you the ability to confidently participate in the decision making about your care and treatment.


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    • Series: John Hopkins Medicine
    •  156 pages
    • Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 1 edition 
    • Language: English
    • Size : 1.62 MB
    • Type : PDF .Original PDF, not scanned version