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123Sonography OB/GYN Ultrasound BachelorClass (Videos+Quiz)

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    123Sonography OB/GYN Ultrasound BachelorClass (Videos+Quiz)

    The course provides an introduction to OB/GYN ultrasound.  We demonstrate how to scan and interpret the female reproductive organs (physiology) and how to assess women during pregnancy.  In the gynecological (GYN) part we will explain, which abnormalities you might encounter both  in pre-and postmenopausal women and how they appear on ultrasound. The obstetric (OB) chapter includes first-, second- and third-trimester screening and covers relevant and common fetal abnormalities that you may find.  The course also provides an introduction to the subspecialties of uro-gynecology and reproductive medicine.

    Concise and easy-to-follow videos full of real-world examples from anatomy and pathophysiology ensure that all-important aspects are addressed. You will also learn how patients might present and how the ultrasound findings impact treatment. Case based learning with numerous examples ensures that the content is practical so that you can apply the knowledge right away in your clinical setting. You will learn when ultrasound is indicated what to look for. Special emphasis is placed on the ultrasound assessment of abdominal pain, the most common problem in an OB/GYN emergency department. The curriculum is presented in more than 7 hours of easy-to-understand and high-quality video lectures and includes countless illustrations, animations and scan demonstrations


    After completing the course trainees will understand how a complete ultrasound scan in both non-pregnant and pregnant women is performed, and how to diagnose the most common OB/GYN pathologies. Students will also understand the (patho)physiology of OB/GYN conditions and learn about treatment options.


    Medical students





    US technicians

    Emergency physicians



    Assistant physicians

    General surgeons



    – Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System
    – Standard Gynecological US Exam
    – History of Gyn Ultrasound
    – Ultrasound Basics
    – Physiology of Pelvic Organs
    – Anatomy Meets US


    – Introduction into US of Reproductive Medicine
    – Introduction into US of Urogynecology
    – IUD Localisation
    – Most Common Gyn Pathologies Ovaries
    – Most Common Gyn Pathologies Uterus


    – Early pregnancy
    – 12 weeks scan
    – 2nd trimester scan – Part 1
    – 2nd trimester scan – Part 2
    – Late pregnancy


    Gyn Emergencies – Part 1
    Gyn Emergencies – Part 2
    OB Emergencies – Part 1
    OB Emergencies – Part 2

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